Cotton Candy is Red Hot!

Thank you to everyone who has contacted us in the past few weeks about the Cotton Candy prototype we demonstrated in New York City.  We knew we had something hot on our hands, but the response has been overwhelming.   Potential applications for the product have been voluminous, ranging from fitness and nutrition, video gaming, streaming media, low cost computing, legal systems, in-store display management and many, many more.

Our story took the servers down of a prominent mobile news website and was the best ranking story of all time.  And developers, potential partners and retailers have reached out from around the globe, including South America, Europe, Asia, the United States and more.  Many of the questions we have received have been the same. So we’ve compiled them here for you with a few simple answers.

Q 1. I want Cotton Candy now.

A 1. Cotton Candy will be available in Q1 2012 in limited quantities for developers.  Consumer devices are anticipated to hit the market in Q3 2012.  Join our mailing list for notification –; and visit for updates.

Q 2.  How much will Cotton Candy cost?

A 2.  First run products will sell for well under $200

Q 3.  How do I control a Cotton Candy device connected to a screen?

A 3.  Cotton Candy supports USB, Bluetooth and wireless, so a variety of  peripheral devices, mice, keyboards, remote controls and more.  Additionally, a SmartPhone with an appropriate app can be used as a remote control.

Q 4.  How can I become a developer?  How can I get a development unit?

A 4.  Join our email list (on the FXI home page) for product updates and to be notified of our development program.

Q 5.  I am interested in a technology partnership with FXI.

A 5. Email

Q 6.  I am a reviewer, and would l like to review Cotton Candy.  Do you have any media photos or information?

A 6.  Email to be added to the reviewer list and to get more details about Cotton Candy.

Q 7. Will you be at CES?

A 7.  FXI will be at CES taking private meetings with select partners and customers.

Q 8. I am interested selling or distributing Cotton Candy.

A 8.  Email

We are doing our best to handle the volume of messages in a timely and considerate fashion.  However, be sure to check back regularly for updates, or follow FXI on Twitter @FXITech, Google+ and on Facebook.

Warm regards,

Kim Stowe

Director of Marketing

  1. blutt said at 11. January 2012

    аська для телефона бесплатно – скачать аську на телефон

  2. Harley said at 28. January 2012

    Hello FXI Technologies!

    Can I please suggest that you guys give a few free Cotton Candy devices as development samples to the XBMC(media center software) team developers?

    I bet that you you give them a couple of free Cotton Candy devices devices as gesture of good to the XBMC development team will then they will have someone who will volunteer to optimize XBMC for Cotton Candy devices in their spare time.

    PS! If you have not heard the news; Raspberry Pi and BeagleBoard got great publicity coverage because they had XBMC running on their devices, which is why XBMC team developers where given prototypes of their devices in advance of release so they could port XBMC to their specific ARM based platforms ;)

    Best regards on behalf of everyone who want to have XBMC media center software running smoothly on the Cotton Candy as soon as possible :)

  3. foo said at 01. March 2012

    I heard about this project months after I heard about the Raspberry Pi.

    I know they serve different purposes, but the Cotton Candy looks a bit pricey in comparison. I think you should aim to produce a sub-$100 device, like the RPi; this is the magic price point — even if it lacks features.

    For instance: at $99, this would be a perfect help desk & customer care computer. Think of it: all they need is a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse; they *may* need a simple office suite, but most applications are web-based nowadays.

    I think this is a *huge* market, but you must be able to compete with the cheapest computers; unfortunately, at $200, your device is not much cheaper than a desktop.

    • borgar said at 19. March 2012

      Cotton Candy is an any screen computer platform. Final consumer models, features and price points are to be determined. Thank you for your feedback.

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